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Du 5 au 6 octobre 2022
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Un vieil homme à la mémoire altérée, son petit-fils handicapé et une femme au corps muté en bionique se heurtent à la visualisation et à l’espace.
"Anon" est une extension du film de danse "Uragano" réalisé par Hunmok Jung en août 2021, sélectionné comme Best10 par le Dance Film Festival de Seoul et par le Festival du Film indépendant de Montréal en 2021.
Après 6 pièces magnifiques avec la compagnie Peeping Tom depuis 2009, Hunmok Jung (1978) crée "Anon" en tant que chorégraphe. Il y fusionne sa culture coréenne et son expérience occidentale, plus précisément les hiérarchies de la société de son pays d’origine opposées à la culture européenne. ANON premiered this summer in Korea :
"ANON," choreographed by Hoon Mok Jung , unfolds like a dream. There are characters and situations, but they lead to fragments and leave a strange audio-visual impression. The cube on the stage becomes a screen and builds a cinematic gaze. In addition, scenes connected by montage techniques intentionally avoid logic, creating a surreal and bizarre atmosphere. The illogicality and grotesqueness of "ANON", The resulting displeasure is intended and therefore successful.
Monthly Magazine ‘Auditorium’ Ok hee Jung, Dance Critic
In this work, the artist’s ability to bind cross sections that can be interpreted as an individual’s inner angle, type of humanity and multiple aspects of modern life with inner tightness is confirmed.
Hoon Mok Jung places a minimal psychological set in an abstract space and brings in characters that can be projected to all of the audience.
Daily Culture Magazine ‘The Preview’ Young Shin Ha, Dance Critic
Peeping Tom’s two choreographers each have different characteristics of serious artistic consideration and visual realization and it is encouraging that Hoon Mok can find an effort to find a compromise between the two elements. At the end of the work, the dance film "Uragano" was projected on the stage, which is also a part of Hoon Mok’s intention to melt elements of video and theater as well as dance to engrave a strange and heterogeneous atmosphere on the stage.
Dance Magazine ‘Dance Forum’ Jung-min Shim, Dance Critic Avec Metteur en scène, chorégraphe / Director Hunmok Jung
Production / Produced by JUMOK Dance Theatre Avec / Performers Jef Stevens, Gaya Bommer Yemini, Kalé Goldberg, Filip Timmerman, Kenneth Rawlinson, Thomas Michaux
Assistante direction artistique et chorégraphie / Artistic adviser & sound operator Anna Nilsson Scénographie et création lumière / Light and set designer Amber Vandenhoeck Création sonore / Sound designer Raphaëlle Latini Accessoires / Making Props Filip Timmerman, Moniek Jacobs
Photo (c) Kenneth Rawlinson Production PD Sinae Park
Remerciements Special thanks to Lode Brusten, Sébastien Parizel, Clement Michaux, Tonin Bruneton, Helena Casas Résidences / Support of Residency Théâtre Marni, UP-Circus & Performing arts, PEEPING TOM studio Project by Korea Dance Abroad
Sponcer by Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture
Film (in the show)
Director Hunmok Jung
Director of photography Kenneth Rawlinson Dance Eliana Stragapede @elianastragapede
Editing Anna Nilsson, Kenneth Rawlinson
Produced by Korea dance abroad, Mono tanz

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